St Breock Parish Council...... Keeping the Parish informed
   St Breock Parish Council......                                                                        Keeping the Parish informed

Your Parish Councillors

In the first instance, for all relevant enquires, please contact the Parish Clerk, by phone/email or the contact form.


The Parish Clerk

Jacqui Peskett

Clerk to St Breock Parish Council

Office A2, Victoria Advent House

Station Approach                                 




PL26 8LG

T: 01726 210138   E:



Ray Jarratt. Tel: 01208 813738 E.mail


Parish Councillors

Mrs. E. Carey. Tel: 01208 832644

Mrs. J. Desborough. Tel: 01208 815548

Mr. D. Johnson. Tel: 01208 813087

Mr. D. Johns. Tel: 07789  096118

Mr. A. Jones. Tel: 01208 831077

Mr. S. Malloni. Tel: 01208 832787

Mrs. J. Pratt. Tel: 01208 813936

Mr. A. Sanders. Tel: 01208 816179

Mr. G. Semmens: Tel. 01208 831194


Your Cornwall Council Councillor is Stephen Rushworth - click on the link for his contact details.


Sub Committees...........


Assets, (ie Play Area, Parking).......  Ray Jarratt, Jayne Desborough, Jan Pratt  & Tony Sanders.


Burial Ground...... Jayne Desborough, Jan Pratt & Tony Sanders.


Camel Trail Partnership representatives......Tony Sanders & Geoff Semmens


Community Funds..... Ray Jarratt, Simon Malloni & Andrew Johnson.


Finance......Ray Jarratt. Andew Jones & Parish Clerk


Highways......Andrew Jones, Eliza Carey.


Neighbourhood Plan Representative.......Simon Malloni.


Network Pannel Representatives.......Jan Pratt & Parish Clerk


Planning......Jan Pratt,Tony Sanders,Jayne Desborough, David Johns & Eliza Carey & Geoff Semmens 


Staffing......Ray Jarratt, Dan Johnson ,Andrew Jones, Simon Malloni & Jan Pratt.



We are located at:





St Breock Parish Council

At The Paddock Room, Hawksfield, near the Padstow junction.......usually, first Wed of the month at 7.30pm.


PLEASE NOTE: The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th October 2018 and held at the Paddock Room, Hawksfield, near Wadebridge commencing at 19.30



You can contact us as follows:

.Mr R.V. Jarratt - Chairman

.Cobweb Cottage, Burlawn, Wadebridge.PL27 7LD.

T: 01208 813738.


Ms Jacqui Peskett (Parish Clerk).

A2, Victoria Advent House,

Station Approach, Victoria,                 Roche


PL26 8LG

T: 01726 210138


iIf you have any queries or wish to attend a council meeting, please contact the Clerk details as shown above or,  please use our contact page. Thank you.

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