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Parish Newsletter January 2018

posted 27th Jan 2018

The Chairman’s Newsletter

It is sometimes quite difficult to decide exactly which topics to include in my annual newsletter and this year has proved to be equally as challenging.

It is probably best to start by updating you with the changes that have taken place within the Parish Council. This year we have gone through a period of transition which has involved employing a new Clerk and recruiting new Councillors to replace the three councillors who stood down. The Council would like to thank Mrs Rosemary HARDING, Mr Peter STARLING and Mr John BELLRINGER for all the hard work and commitment they all afforded the Council during their time with us.                                                                                            

Our new Clerk is Mrs Jacqui PESKETT, and our new councillors are, Mrs Eliza CAREY and Mr David JOHNS, their details and contact numbers are now on our website. We currently have one more vacancy to fill, so, should anyone reading this letter, feel that they would like to join the council, we would be very pleased to hear from you.                                                                                                                        

This year the Council has undertaken three large projects, all of which have been substantially funded by the two community funds that are allocated annually within our parish. The main fund relates to the R.E.G Wind Turbine Farm which is located up on St Breock Downs. This fund allocates £50,000 annually on a pro-rata basis, to the various local parishes, for projects within their respective communities. St Breock’s share of this fund is £12.500.                                                           

The second fund relates to the Pengelly Farm Wind Turbine which allocates £10,000 annually for projects within the surrounding communities.                                                                                          

  With regards to the R.E.G. community fund the Council has always strongly expressed the view that the monies allocated to St Breock should be utilised primarily for funding projects within our own parish before consideration is given to other applicants from the surrounding communities. This view was taken because it was felt that this community fund should be used to finance the projects within our parish before any capital expenditure is made from the Council’s annual budget to which all of its householders contribute.

The first project we undertook was to completely refurbish the St Breock Burial Ground. This involved forming a new serviceable entrance and parking area, new pathways, and a new drainage system. It was very unfortunate that initially, these works caused a high degree of upheaval and disruption to the site, but I am pleased to say that the work has now been completed, and the burial ground has returned to its original format.                                                                                                   

The second project is probably the one that many of you may have already seen. This is the installation of the ‘speed awareness’ sign on the A39 at Whitecross. This sign is now ‘live’ and the feedback we have received from the local residents is very positive. This is the first of two signs for which we have already secured funding, and the second sign will be installed on the Wadebridge side of Whitecross in the early part of 2018.                                                                                                

The third project was to completely refurbish the children’s play area in Burlawn. Apart from resurfacing all of the activity areas with fresh bark chippings, a new tar macadam footpath has been constructed to provide the required disabled access to the play area. It will also give easier access for wheelchairs and pushchairs, which are facilities the play area did not have in the past.                                               

 Apart from overseeing our own projects, the Council has been actively involved in assisting the Burlawn Residents Association in purchasing and installing a defibrillator for their village. Perhaps this is something residents within the other areas of our parish might like to consider exploring. It is anticipated that early next year, the Council will arrange for one or two C.P.R. demonstration sessions to be held locally for our parishioners to attend. If you would like to come along to either of these sessions, I would be grateful if you would forward your details to our Clerk (whose contact details are on our website), once details of the venue, dates and times are confirmed.                                                                                                           

Having mentioned public amenities, the Council has for the past five years been corresponding with Cornwall Council regarding the classification, and in parts, the ownership of the Drovers Trail at Brocton. I am pleased to say that we have now successfully secured the classification of the   ‘Trail’ as a designated ‘Public Bridleway’. This is something that would not have been achieved without the continued cooperation and assistance of The British Horse Society, the local landowners, and members of the local community to whom we are extremely grateful.

Our newly formed sub-committees have been very successful in providing us with a more effective way of dealing with our workload, which in turn has helped by keeping our monthly meetings more focused and less time consuming. This has been very apparent with regards to planning, which is the one topic that at times can be both quite contentious, and very time consuming. By maintaining our policy of carrying out site visits by our sub-committee, any problems or queries from either the applicant or their agent can usually be resolved on site before they are brought to our main monthly meeting.                                                                                                                                                               

 The Neighbourhood Plan is now in its final stages and when completed it will be then presented to the public for consultation. This has been a mammoth undertaking by all three local Councils involved in the plan, St Breock, Egloshayle and Wadebridge. Our representative on the committee, Councillor Simon Malloni has worked tirelessly on this project in order to carry forward the proposals that our Council has made. As Wadebridge is our local town, I firmly believe that we should all have a vested interest in the town, and how we would like to see it develop and maintain its’ identity within the foreseeable future. I would encourage all of our parishioners to make themselves familiar with the proposals within the plan, and in particular, those relating to the Parish of St Breock.                                                                                                                                                           

 In previous years in order to commemorate Remembrance Sunday the Council has always laid a wreath on behalf of all of its parishioners on the war memorial in Wadebridge. This year for the second year running St Breock’s wreath has been hung alongside the existing war memorial tapestry inside St Breock Church. This decision was taken because we felt that this was a more appropriate place for the wreath to be.                                                                                                                                   

  I would like to remind you that our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm at the Paddock Room, Hawksfield on the A39. We would welcome you to attend any of these meetings if you would like to comment on, or listen to, any of the items we are scheduled to discuss.                                                                                                                                             

  I would like to finish by extending to you all, on behalf of your Parish Council, our sincere best wishes for 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Ray Jarratt 

Chairman of St Breock Parish Council




Chairman’s Newsletter    :  September  2016


It is sometimes quite difficult to decide exactly which topics to include in my annual newsletter and this year has proved to be equally challenging.

It is probably best to start with the most current and emotive subjects that are being discussed and that is the future of Wadebridge library and Wadebridge Town Council’s request to Cornwall Council for a Governance Review to take place. It is quite possible that you have read recently in the Cornish Guardian that we were named as one of the local parish councils that are currently not prepared to contribute towards the future funding of the library. I would like to explain why that decision was taken.

As with all the other parish councils our Council unanimously agreed that this public amenity should not be lost. We realised, too, that for us to become involved in this project would require a long term financial commitment by the parish. By taking a cautious and pragmatic approach we were mindful of the fact that, like so many business ventures, the annual running costs in most cases increase rather than decrease. So our initial decision was not to become involved until we were provided with a more detailed account of the library’s current financial position. I have attached to this newsletter a copy of Wadebridge Town Council’s letter to Cornwall Council requesting the Governance Review, my initial response to that letter together with the reply received from Wadebridge Town Council.

You will see that there are a number of fundamental questions that need to be answered. If and when this information is made available to us, we will be in a much better position to review our initial decision.  Any future updates in relation to either of these two issues will be posted on our website.

On a much lighter topic, in May we arranged for the Trigg Morris Dancers to visit and entertain the residents of Burlawn. The evening was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves both in watching and participating in the Morris dancing. I would like to say thank you to all those residents for making the Trigg Men feel so welcome - and for supplying the evening’s refreshments.

As a point of interest the Burlawn Residents’ Association, with the help of F.L.E.E.T (who are overseeing the project), have secured funding via the R.E.G. community fund and Councillor Jeremy Rowe’s community fund to purchase a defibrillator for their village.

In April this year the £50000 Community Fund from the R.E.G Wind farm at St Breock was allocated to all of those parishes that were beneficiaries under the scheme and their respective panels met and allocated their funds accordingly. The details relating to St Breock’s share of the fund and its successful applicants can be found on the website. The next £12500 allocation from this fund is due to our Parish in April next year. It is anticipated that, before that date, the council will review how this year’s fund was managed and if necessary take forward any constructive suggestions that might help to improve the format of the current system.

Earlier this year I made the decision to attend the monthly meetings of our neighbouring parish councils. My intention is to meet with their various councillors and to listen to the issues they deal with within their respective parishes. It quickly became apparent to me that we are all dealing with the same topics, such as planning, highways, footpaths, community funds etc. I have already attended the meetings at St Issey, Withiel, and Egloshayle but I still have St Mabyn and St Wenn to visit. I hope that by doing this it will help to improve and provide a better exchange of information between the parishes.  If a closer working partnership is achieved it will enable us to consolidate our parishioners’ views and concerns and take them forward as one.

I would now like to inform you of the forthcoming capital expenditure which has been agreed by the council.

The first is in relation to the new St Breock burial ground. Burials and interments have already taken place but unfortunately due to the extremely poor condition of the site, problems have arisen in respect of access and parking.  These necessitate immediate remedial work to be carried out. The car park and footpath areas need to be resurfaced in order for them to become safe and fit for purpose. You will appreciate that as a council we do have an ongoing duty to maintain all of our assets and for some considerable time the council has earmarked £34,000 within our precept to fund this type of project. This work has now been scheduled to take place in September this year.

The second expenditure relates to the installation of a set of speed awareness signs which will be sited either end of the 30mph stretch of road up at Whitecross. For years the residents in this area have complained about the speed of the traffic using this road and how dangerous the road has become. Our numerous consultations with the Highways Department have failed to get the problem resolved which has meant that we have to fund the project ourselves.

We have managed to secure funding of £7,000 for one sign and the council has agreed for this to be sited as traffic approaches Whitecross from the direction of Truro with the intention of installing the second sign at the Wadebridge end next year or sooner if the funds become available. It is anticipated that this work will be carried out later this year.

The dates, agendas and minutes of our Council meetings are posted each month on our website and parishioners are always welcome to attend any of our meetings to either comment on or listen to the matters that we deal with. The current venue for our monthly meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of each month will be at the Hawksfield Site on the main A 39.


Ray Jarratt


Dear Parishioner of St. Breock

Dear Parishioner.

I would like to start this year’s report by thanking all of the parish councillors and Clerk for the continued commitment and support they have given me during the past year.

In last year’s report I mentioned the fact that the council has set up various sub-committees with the intention of being able to deal more effectively with the many issues that come before us. From a Chairman’s perspective these have proven to be very successful.

By having these committees in place, they have contributed considerably towards the council being able to manage our time more effectively at our monthly meetings, by allowing us to be more focused on the other items on our agendas. They have been beneficial too, by giving our Council a platform on which we have managed to create a much needed and more personal working partnership with Cornwall Council’s Highways and Planning Departments. This is something we have not had in the past.

Any concerns that you pass onto us, relating to either highways or planning, are now being dealt with more promptly. The majority of planning applications that we receive, and especially where we feel it is necessary, do now receive a site visit. These visits enable us to put our responses back to the planning department, in a more informed and objective manner.

The council is still very involved, and committed, on your behalf, to the Neighbourhood Plan / Localism Bill. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Councillor Malloni who has worked tirelessly on this project. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important I think it is for all of our parishioners to make themselves familiar with the plan and to look closely at the proposals that are being put forward. Not only for the parish of St Breock, but for the town of Wadebridge as well.

Once the plan has been completed it will then be put out for consultation. During which time you will be given the opportunity to say and vote on how you would like to see the future your parish and town areas evolve.

I would like to give my best wishes to the residents of Burlawn who have recently formed their own residents association. I feel this is something that could be considered by the residents of our other hamlets of Whitecross, Edmonton, Trevanson and St Breock. By doing this it enables the residents to share a common purpose and have a united voice




 whenever they wish to bring matters to the attention of either our council or other organisations.

I have noticed that the new replacement turbines on the R.E.G. Wind Farm on the St Breock Downs are now turning. It is anticipated that under the 106 Agreement that Cornwall Council’s planning department attached to this development. We should, in a year’s time, receive the community fund that has been promised to us. Before that date a representative panel will need to be formed together with an agreed constitution for running and overseeing the fund.

The panel for the Pengelly Farm turbine community fund has now been chosen and is in   place. It is understood that the £10000 annual fund will be allocated in amounts of £1000, and the panel is currently seeking applications from the community. Any such applications should be made through W.R.E. N. who is responsible for holding and administrating this fund.

 Any further information that the Parish Council receives regarding either of these two funds will be posted on our website. ( )

We do try to keep our website as current and as informative as we possibly can, by placing upon it notices that we feel, would be of interest to the parish. We would welcome any input from you, our parishioners, as we feel it is a quick and easy method of contacting us or to pass on information to other members of your community. Our monthly meetings are still being held in the Press Office at the Cornwall Showground on the first Monday of every month. Anybody is most welcome to attend either to have their say or just to observe and listen to what is being discussed.


Ray Jarratt

( Chairman St Breock Parish Council ) 

1st May 2015










St Breock Parish Council will be holding their next meeting on Wednesday 19th May 2021 commencing at 7.00pm

This will be preceded by the Annual Meeting at 6.30pm. 

Please note: This will be a "face to face" meeting held at the Royal Cornwall Showground Wadebridge (room to be advised). COVID measures will be in place. 


Our meetings are normally held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

 Members of the Public are welcome however, please note,  if you wish to speak (3 minutes) at a meeting you MUST notify the Clerk as detaikled above. 


 Keep safe!



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