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  St Breock Parish Council......                                                                        Keeping the Parish informed

Posted 21.08.20 - "THE CORNWALL WE WANT"

Only one in ten of Cornwall's residents want things to go back to the way they were before the Coronavirus pandemic. Cornwall Council want to develop a shared vision for the future of Cornwall that leads to a 'better normal'. 

  • What are your hopes and fears for the future?
  • Has the lockdown made you think again about what matters in your life?
  • What do you want the ' new normal' to look like for you, your business or your community?
  • What do you see as the challenges and opportunities to achieving thos aims?

Leave your feedback on the Cornwall Coincil  website at



Countryside Code awareness - please click to read in full.
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Please visit Our COVID -19 page for information which is updated as often as possible. 

Posted 03.04.20


We regret that as of today, the Burial Ground is now closed to visitors. We will re open as sppn s we are told it is safe to do so.

There is now clear guidance from Government and the Local Government Association that crematoria and cemeteries should now be closed to the public, except for funerals or burials. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 came in to force on the 26 March and apply to any person who is responsible for a crematorium or burial ground including local authorities and private providers.


Posted 24.03.20 


Resolution to cancel meetings approved (Proposed: Councillor Jarratt; Seconded: Councillor Morris) Motion Carried


Resolution passed that the Parish Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure Parish Council business continuity during the period of the pandemic Coronavirus, informed by consultation with the Members of the Parish Council (Proposed: Councillor Jarratt; Seconded: Councillor Morris) Motion Carried


Resolution passed that the Parish Council permits delegated authority to the Clerk in consultation Working Party as a Sub-Committee of the Parish Council to deal with Planning Applications, given that none have any financial interest in the project, consisting of Members of the Parish Council, allowing comments to be sent to the Parish Clerk, with information being put on the Website (Proposed: Councillor Jarrat; Seconded: Councillor Morris) Motion Carried


Resolution passed that the Parish Council adopts a broad delegation which will allow it to continue to operate outside of meetings until such time as the advice changes.  Rather than using physical meetings, the Parish Council should use email and its website as far as possible to replicate debate and the gathering of public opinion (Proposed: Councillor Jarratt; Seconded: Councillor Morris) Motion Carried



In accordance with Government instructions, we have had to close the Play Area at Burlawn with immediate effect. We must stress the importance of not visiting at the present time and would thank you in advance for your co-operation. 
As soon as it is safe to do so, we will re open to members of the public. 

POSTED 23.03.20



The next meeting of St Breock Parish Council was due to place on Wednesday 8th April but in light of the present difficult circumstances, the meeting will not go ahead. However, we will still find a less formal way to agree our approach to providing local support to the community and business will continue. 

he Clerk is in constant communication with all the Parish Councillors, and decisions will still be made.


Planning : Applications to be considered will be posted on the website Planning page, if you have any comment to make on any application, please let the Clerk have it within the specified timeframe for that application. Follow the link to Cornwall Council Planning Portal to view the application in full.


At the present time, the Parish Council is putting in place arrangements to work with Cornwall Council’s local Community Link Officer (CLO) and teams across the authority.


If you know of any local residents who need support, or if there are any local issues related to the COVID-19 response, please let the Parish Council know. We will forward the information through to the CLO, who will be best placed to organise a response from the relevant team at Cornwall Council and associated partner organisations.


To pass information on, please contact either:

Parish Clerk: Jacqui Peskett 01726 210138 or 

Chairman: Cllr Ray Jarratt pn 01208 813738 or 


The Cornwall Council website is continuing to post daily updates on its website – 


Volunteer Cornwall now have an online referral form for their Coronavirus support service (for vulnerable people who need assistance during isolation) -


The Parish Council will also be passing on further information, as and when we can but, we would ask you to bear with us in these difficult times. 

Stay safe everyone.























***UPDATE POSTED 18.03.20 ***

Having discussed the current situation, regarding the spread of Coronavirus, with the Chairman of the Parish Council, it has been decided that the April  meeting of the Parish Council will be suspended until further notice.

It is suggested that any decisions to be made can be discussed and decided by email, for the present.

 I will monitor the situation and advise of any changes.

 Keep safe!

Jacqui - Clerk to the Parish of St Breock


Posted 09th December 2019 - St Breock Windfarm Community Fund - Applications by 14th February 2020
Please see the REG Community Fund section for full information.
Open to not-for-profit organisations in St Breock, St Wenn, Withiel, Egloshayle, St Columb Town & Wadebridge Town.
For environmental, socio-economic & educational projects that will benefit local people.
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Posted 11th November 2019
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 Posted 17th September 2019.










Important Information from your Parish Council


Dear Parishioner

You may or may not be aware of the fact that there is currently a Community Governance Review taking place within Cornwall.

This review is taking place in order to give all local parish and town councils the opportunity to review their current respective boundaries. If they wish to change their boundary then they are requested to submit their proposals on the Cornwall Council’s submission to the Governance Review Panel for their consideration. The proposals for any boundary change should be factual and evidence based.


This Governance Review comprises of two main stages:


Stage 1. Each council will submit their proposal forms to the Governance Review Panel before 17th July this year. (This stage has been completed)


Stage 2. Between July and December the Review Panel will consider each council’s submission form and by the end of December publish their draft recommendations. Prior to this there will be the opportunity for parishioners to attend various public consultation meetings involving their particular parish council. The meeting in respect of St Breock Parish will be held on 2nd October at St Issey Village Hall (change of venue by Conwall Council )with a start time of between 6.30pm and 7pm with a finishing time of 9pm.

Between December and March 2020 further public consultations will take place and the Governance Review will as far as we know be finalised in March 2020.



St Breock Parish has within it the rural hamlets of, Burlawn,Edmonton,St Breock,Trevanson  and Whitecross. It also has the commercial and retail site at Dunveth which includes Aldi,the B&M store, Tesco and the small commercial units opposite Tesco’s. We also have the Royal Cornwall Showground and the Falcon Hotel. It is worth noting that the only hamlet which has housing abutting the boundary of Wadebridge is Trevanson as for the remainder of the parish it is open countryside and agricultural land.

Having reviewed the whole of its boundary St Breock Parish Council took the decision not to request any boundary changes as we could not find any justification for doing that. We also worked on the principal that what is currently in place works extremely well for all concerned, council and parishioners alike.


However the same cannot be said for Wadebridge Town Council. Without any prior consultation with us they have submitted their proposals for the whole of St Breock Parish to be absorbed into their boundary which would then enable them to increase their annual precept by taking the current precept allocated to us. We have scrutinised their submission document and we feel that they too have no justification for what they are proposing apart from the financial gain. They have not put forward any sound evidential facts to support their proposals nor have they said that our parish would be better represented by them.

The concerns we have if St Breock is taken over by Wadebridge it would become a ‘ward’ of Wadebridge. Your parish council would cease to exist as a ‘ward’ or ‘ward’ councillors would

be elected to represent you and everything would be governed by Wadebridge Town Council. This would include the ownership and future maintenance of all of our assets, any allocated monies we currently receive from community funds i.e. £12,500 from the R.E.G. Wind Farm at St Breock etc.etc.


It goes without saying that the Parish Council are objecting most strongly to all of the proposals put forward by Wadebridge and we are requesting you to give us your support in doing this unless you totally agree with Wadebridge Town Council’s submission. You can support us by either contacting our Clerk,

Ms J Peskett whose details are at the top of this letter or you can phone or email any of your local Councillors who are:


Ray Jarrattt (Chairman) : 01208 813738 or email

Andrew Jones: 01208 831077

Dan Johnson: 01208 813087

Paul Moon: 07532 006378

Jan Pratt: 01208 813936

Tony Sanders: 01208 816179

Geoff Semmens: 01208 831194


Our Council has to submit our objections to the Review Panel before the 2nd October for their consideration during Phase 2 of the review. We have enclosed a copy of this letter for your information. It highlights the facts and evidence Wadebridge has included in their submission document and the replies we have put against them.



Running alongside this Community Review is the local Egloshayle, St Breock, and Wadebridge Neighbourhood Plan. This plan when approved and implemented will determine the future growth and proposed major developments within our local area. It is now at the critical stage of producing a ‘draft document’ for public consultation.

However, having seen the proposals Wadebridge have submitted to the Governance Review Panel involving boundary changes to the parishes of St Breock and Egloshayle, we have taken the decision not to take part in any future meetings in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan until the Review Panel’s ‘draft recommendations’ are published in December, as any boundary changes they might recommend could impact upon the Neighbourhood Plan.

Hopefully this letter has given you an up to date insight into what is currently happening within St Breock and the neighbouring parishes of Egloshayle and Wadebridge.




If you are interested in supporting your community and can afford the time to attend one monthly meeting why not consider joining our Parish Council?

Contact our clerk for more details.




The Local Governance Review Stage 1.    St Breock Parish Council’s observations and comments in relation to the Governance Review (Submission Document) submitted by Wadebridge Town Council


It is extremely important for the Review Panel to be informed of the fact that no meetings / discussions informal or otherwise have taken place between St Breock and Wadebridge prior to Wadebridge submitting their document. It is both incorrect and misleading for Wadebridge to state that they have (in Paragraph 6 of their document) as it suggests that our Council were aware of their proposals and had agreed to them, which is a suggestion we totally refute.


 Having studied the document in detail St Breock Parish Council would request that the following observations and comments are taken into account by the Review Panel during Stage 2 of this review. This request is made on the basis that the contents of Paragraph 5 (Details of proposals) and Paragraph 6 (Evidence in support of submission) of this document appear to be directed solely at St Breock Parish Council and if these proposals were to be implemented then they could have serious consequences for our Council and the parish we serve. It is very difficult for our Council to fully understand the rationale for Wadebridge to be making these proposals taking into account that St Breock is the largest rural parish within North Cornwall and consists mainly of agricultural land and open countryside. It has within it the rural hamlets of Burlawn, Edmonton, Whitecross, St Breock, and Trevanson, which is the only hamlet that borders directly onto the current boundary of Wadebridge. If the boundaries were to change and these hamlets together with the Royal Cornwall Showground (mentioned in Paragraph 6) were absorbed into the boundary and become a ‘ ward ‘ of Wadebridge then this could theoretically result in our Parish Council being dismantled and the community would cease to have its own local representative body there to represent them.


If the aspirations of Wadebridge Town Council are to absorb the parish of St Breock into its boundary then surely by definition Wadebridge would lose its current status as a ‘Town Council’ and become re-defined more as a ‘district council’ which would then put them working in tandem with Cornwall Council, a system that was abolished when the Unitary Council was formed.

These proposals if implemented would immediately raise the question as to how all of the land and assets that are currently owned by St Breock Council be secured and legally dealt with by Wadebridge Town Council. On whose authority would such an arduous and costly exercise be undertaken assuming that all of title deeds, covenants, land registry documentation and local 106 Agreements involving community funds would have to be agreed and altered in order for any such change to take place?  


St Breock Council would challenge the details contained in Paragraph 5 of the document submitted by Wadebridge Town Council as their evidence to support their application.


  1. People who identify with Wadebridge and its community live in a neighbouring parish.



ReplyWadebridge have failed to say that the residents of all of its neighbouring parishes which     include Egloshayle, St Wenn, Withiel, St Mabyn and St Tudy identify themselves with Wadebridge due to the fact that Wadebridge is their local town. To imply that this only applies to the residents of St Breock is nonsense.

  1. People living next door to one another or on opposite sides of the same road being in different parishes.

Reply:   This comment does not apply to St Breock and is probably more applicable to the residents in Wadebridge’s neighbouring parish of Egloshayle.

  1. Planning and local district decisions impacting principally on Wadebridge and its Community being taken by neighbouring parishes.

Reply:   This statement is incorrect if directed at St Breock parish. All of the planning decisions that St Breock Parish council have made have been done within the planning guidelines adopted nationally together with those of Cornwall Council. Any larger housing or commercial/ retail developments have normally been passed by Cornwall Council’s full planning committee.

  1. An inequality of decision making and support for development of local facilities in the Town.

Reply:   This is incorrect as all decision making within the Wadebridge boundary is the sole responsibility Wadebridge Town Council and St Breock is not involved in this process. However it should be made perfectly clear that when Wadebridge Town Council decided to take over the running of its local library local parish Councils were asked to contribute financially to this project. At the time St Breock requested for more information with regards to the ownership of the building, its staffing costs, maintenance costs, pension costs etc. etc. before it could commit itself to any financial support. To date none of that information has been given and St Breock has not yet contributed to the project.

  1. The modern A39 Wadebridge bypass and A389 now forms the accepted Built up Area Boundary whilst ancient parish boundaries which intersect areas in the BUAB date from early 1990’s.

Reply:   This comment does not relate to St Breock parish.

  1. The existing Town Council and Parish boundaries no longer reflect the significant growth of the town since the 1990’s for example housing estates, commercial/retail and business locations straddling boundaries.

Reply:   This comment does not apply to St Breock as there are no housing estates, commercial/retail and business locations straddling our boundary.  


  1. The old boundaries are no longer fit for purpose and work against a modern, effective and cohesive town.


Reply:   This comment is totally rejected by St Breock. It goes without saying that these original boundaries were put into place in order to form a defined area for the Wadebridge Town Council to oversee and manage on behalf and for the benefit of their local residents and that principal has not changed over the years. The Wadebridge Town boundary in our opinion is still fit for purpose as with our own boundary it keeps both councils focused on what is best for its residents and businesses. The same principal applies to all of its neighbouring parishes who are there to represent and give a voice to all of their residents and parishioners. If the boundaries are changed in any way then that relationship between the councils and their respective communities they serve would be undermined and removed for ever.


St Breock Parish Council respectfully asks that this document is accepted and considered in depth by the Review Panel during Stage 2 of the Local Governance Review.


























Posted 26th May 2019

Chairman’s Annual Report : May 2019

This is the second year that we have worked with our new clerk and we have continued to build on the foundation that she was instrumental in putting into place. As more and more responsibilities are devolved down onto us, and we, together with most of our fellow parish councils, now tend to operate more as small businesses, which I am sure will be the trend for the future. Needless to say it has been quite noticeable to me that the workload for our Clerk has increased quite considerably during the last year. With this in mind, I feel it is important that we have our sub-committees in place to help keep our monthly meetings as regulated and focused as we possibly can, which means that each Councillor has an important role to play, in between meetings for this to continue to happen.

During this year we have lost two of our Councillors and until their vacancies are filled it is more important now for councillors to attend each monthly meeting so that the required quorum figure can be met  

The newsletter we produced and circulated within our parish was well received, and some very favourable comments were fed back to us, requesting for it to be produced again. (This could be an objective for the coming year). This year’s allocation from the R.E.G. community fund has been used to fund two projects within our parish, these were, the children’s bus shelter in Burlawn and the replacement of the seats and play area furniture within the parish. At the last R.E.G. panel meeting it was agreed that in future the funds we receive, will still be primarily spent for projects within St Breock, but any residue funds can be used for other local projects that our council may wish to support.

We are now hopefully in the last phase of the Neighbourhood Plan and as our council’s representative I can now fully appreciate the hard work and time that ex Councillor Malloni applied to it.

Planning is still one of the most difficult tasks we have to deal with. It is very time consuming and at times very controversial. We appear to be dealing with a higher volume of applications which means that the site visit policy we have adopted is more important now than it has ever been. The visits our councillors have previously undertaken have proven to be very beneficial, not only to the applicant but more importantly to the planning department officers within Cornwall Council.

With the current high demand for new and affordable housing it is important for us to keep in mind the fact that apart from St Breock (which has village status, due to the nearby St Breock church); the remainder of our parish hamlets are deemed to be open countryside. As we are our parishioner’s representative body I feel we have a duty to try and protect it at all times.

On occasions we have had our local parishioners come to our monthly meetings and it is very encouraging for us to see them there and participate in the proceedings, so hopefully this will occur more often in the future.

As your Chairman I fully appreciate the commitment and support you have all given me during the past year and I would like to give a special acknowledgement to our clerk Jacqui Peskett for making my role that much easier to administer.


Ray Jarratt (Chairman)






Posted 27th Jan 2018


The Chairman’s Newsletter  December 2017

It is sometimes quite difficult to decide exactly which topics to include in my annual newsletter and this year has proved to be equally as challenging.

It is probably best to start by updating you with the changes that have taken place within the Parish Council. This year we have gone through a period of transition which has involved employing a new Clerk and recruiting new Councillors to replace the three councillors who stood down. The Council would like to thank Mrs Rosemary HARDING, Mr Peter STARLING and Mr John BELLRINGER for all the hard work and commitment they all afforded the Council during their time with us.                                                                                           

  Our new Clerk is Mrs Jacqui PESKETT, and our new councillors are, Mrs Eliza CAREY and Mr David JOHNS, their details and contact numbers are now on our website. We currently have one more vacancy to fill, so, should anyone reading this letter, feel that they would like to join the council, we would be very pleased to hear from you.                                                                                                                       

 This year the Council has undertaken three large projects, all of which have been substantially funded by the two community funds that are allocated annually within our parish. The main fund relates to the R.E.G Wind Turbine Farm which is located up on St Breock Downs. This fund allocates £50,000 annually on a pro-rata basis, to the various local parishes, for projects within their respective communities. St Breock’s share of this fund is £12.500.                                                          

  The second fund relates to the Pengelly Farm Wind Turbine which allocates £10,000 annually for projects within the surrounding communities.                                                                                          

  With regards to the R.E.G. community fund the Council has always strongly expressed the view that the monies allocated to St Breock should be utilised primarily for funding projects within our own parish before consideration is given to other applicants from the surrounding communities. This view was taken because it was felt that this community fund should be used to finance the projects within our parish before any capital expenditure is made from the Council’s annual budget to which all of its householders contribute.

The first project we undertook was to completely refurbish the St Breock Burial Ground. This involved forming a new serviceable entrance and parking area, new pathways, and a new drainage system. It was very unfortunate that initially, these works caused a high degree of upheaval and disruption to the site, but I am pleased to say that the work has now been completed, and the burial ground has returned to its original format.                                                                                                  

 The second project is probably the one that many of you may have already seen. This is the installation of the ‘speed awareness’ sign on the A39 at Whitecross. This sign is now ‘live’ and the feedback we have received from the local residents is very positive. This is the first of two signs for which we have already secured funding, and the second sign will be installed on the Wadebridge side of Whitecross in the early part of 2018.                                                                                                 The third project was to completely refurbish the children’s play area in Burlawn. Apart from resurfacing all of the activity areas with fresh bark chippings, a new tar macadam footpath has been constructed to provide the required disabled access to the play area. It will also give easier access for wheelchairs and pushchairs, which are facilities the play area did not have in the past.                                               

Apart from overseeing our own projects, the Council has been actively involved in assisting th Burlawn Residents Association in purchasing and installing a defibrillator for their village. Perhaps this is something residents within the other areas of our parish might like to consider exploring. It is anticipated that early next year, the Council will arrange for one or two C.P.R. demonstration sessions to be held locally for our parishioners to attend. If you would like to come along to either of these sessions, I would be grateful if you would forward your details to our Clerk (whose contact details are on our website), once details of the venue, dates and times are confirmed.                                                                                                          

 Having mentioned public amenities, the Council has for the past five years been corresponding with Cornwall Council regarding the classification, and in parts, the ownership of the Drovers Trail at Brocton. I am pleased to say that we have now successfully secured the classification of the   ‘Trail’ as a designated ‘Public Bridleway’. This is something that would not have been achieved without the continued cooperation and assistance of The British Horse Society, the local landowners, and members of the local community to whom we are extremely grateful.

Our newly formed sub-committees have been very successful in providing us with a more effective way of dealing with our workload, which in turn has helped by keeping our monthly meetings more focused and less time consuming. This has been very apparent with regards to planning, which is the one topic that at times can be both quite contentious, and very time consuming. By maintaining our policy of carrying out site visits by our sub-committee, any problems or queries from either the applicant or their agent can usually be resolved on site before they are brought to our main monthly meeting.                                                                                                                                                               

 The Neighbourhood Plan is now in its final stages and when completed it will be then presented to the public for consultation. This has been a mammoth undertaking by all three local Councils involved in the plan, St Breock, Egloshayle and Wadebridge. Our representative on the committee, Councillor Simon Malloni has worked tirelessly on this project in order to carry forward the proposals that our Council has made. As Wadebridge is our local town, I firmly believe that we should all have a vested interest in the town, and how we would like to see it develop and maintain its’ identity within the foreseeable future. I would encourage all of our parishioners to make themselves familiar with the proposals within the plan, and in particular, those relating to the Parish of St Breock.                                                                                                                                                           

In previous years in order to commemorate Remembrance Sunday the Council has always laid a wreath on behalf of all of its parishioners on the war memorial in Wadebridge. This year for the second year running St Breock’s wreath has been hung alongside the existing war memorial tapestry inside St Breock Church. This decision was taken because we felt that this was a more appropriate place for the wreath to be.                                                                                                                                   

  I would like to remind you that our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month commencing at 7.30pm at the Paddock Room, Hawksfield on the A39.                                                                                                                                             

I would like to finish by extending to you all, on behalf of your Parish Council, our sincere best wishes for 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Ray Jarratt 

Chairman of St Breock Parish Council


Posted 27th June 2017

St Breock Parish Council Audit year ending 31st March 2017 - documetation available to view in AUDIT section of our website.



Posted 29 September 2016

Chairman’s Newsletter    :  September  2016


It is sometimes quite difficult to decide exactly which topics to include in my annual newsletter and this year has proved to be equally challenging.

It is probably best to start with the most current and emotive subjects that are being discussed and that is the future of Wadebridge library and Wadebridge Town Council’s request to Cornwall Council for a Governance Review to take place. It is quite possible that you have read recently in the Cornish Guardian that we were named as one of the local parish councils that are currently not prepared to contribute towards the future funding of the library. I would like to explain why that decision was taken.

As with all the other parish councils our Council unanimously agreed that this public amenity should not be lost. We realised, too, that for us to become involved in this project would require a long term financial commitment by the parish. By taking a cautious and pragmatic approach we were mindful of the fact that, like so many business ventures, the annual running costs in most cases increase rather than decrease. So our initial decision was not to become involved until we were provided with a more detailed account of the library’s current financial position. I have attached to this newsletter a copy of Wadebridge Town Council’s letter to Cornwall Council requesting the Governance Review, my initial response to that letter together with the reply received from Wadebridge Town Council.

You will see that there are a number of fundamental questions that need to be answered. If and when this information is made available to us, we will be in a much better position to review our initial decision.  Any future updates in relation to either of these two issues will be posted on our website.

On a much lighter topic, in May we arranged for the Trigg Morris Dancers to visit and entertain the residents of Burlawn. The evening was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves both in watching and participating in the Morris dancing. I would like to say thank you to all those residents for making the Trigg Men feel so welcome - and for supplying the evening’s refreshments.

As a point of interest the Burlawn Residents’ Association, with the help of F.L.E.E.T (who are overseeing the project), have secured funding via the R.E.G. community fund and Councillor Jeremy Rowe’s community fund to purchase a defibrillator for their village.

In April this year the £50000 Community Fund from the R.E.G Wind farm at St Breock was allocated to all of those parishes that were beneficiaries under the scheme and their respective panels met and allocated their funds accordingly. The details relating to St Breock’s share of the fund and its successful applicants can be found on the website. The next £12500 allocation from this fund is due to our Parish in April next year. It is anticipated that, before that date, the council will review how this year’s fund was managed and if necessary take forward any constructive suggestions that might help to improve the format of the current system.

Earlier this year I made the decision to attend the monthly meetings of our neighbouring parish councils. My intention is to meet with their various councillors and to listen to the issues they deal with within their respective parishes. It quickly became apparent to me that we are all dealing with the same topics, such as planning, highways, footpaths, community funds etc. I have already attended the meetings at St Issey, Withiel, and Egloshayle but I still have St Mabyn and St Wenn to visit. I hope that by doing this it will help to improve and provide a better exchange of information between the parishes.  If a closer working partnership is achieved it will enable us to consolidate our parishioners’ views and concerns and take them forward as one.

I would now like to inform you of the forthcoming capital expenditure which has been agreed by the council.

The first is in relation to the new St Breock burial ground. Burials and interments have already taken place but unfortunately due to the extremely poor condition of the site, problems have arisen in respect of access and parking.  These necessitate immediate remedial work to be carried out. The car park and footpath areas need to be resurfaced in order for them to become safe and fit for purpose. You will appreciate that as a council we do have an ongoing duty to maintain all of our assets and for some considerable time the council has earmarked £34,000 within our precept to fund this type of project. This work has now been scheduled to take place in September this year.

The second expenditure relates to the installation of a set of speed awareness signs which will be sited either end of the 30mph stretch of road up at Whitecross. For years the residents in this area have complained about the speed of the traffic using this road and how dangerous the road has become. Our numerous consultations with the Highways Department have failed to get the problem resolved which has meant that we have to fund the project ourselves.

We have managed to secure funding of £7,000 for one sign and the council has agreed for this to be sited as traffic approaches Whitecross from the direction of Truro with the intention of installing the second sign at the Wadebridge end next year or sooner if the funds become available. It is anticipated that this work will be carried out later this year.

The dates, agendas and minutes of our Council meetings are posted each month on our website and parishioners are always welcome to attend any of our meetings to either comment on or listen to the matters that we deal with. The current venue for our monthly meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of each month will be at the Hawksfield Site on the main A 39.


Ray Jarratt



Update on Wadebridge Library........


Dear Parishioner

If you have been following the Parish Council’s Agendas for its recent meetings you will have noticed that the Wadebridge Library has been included under the items to be discussed. Over the past few months St Breock Parish Council together with its neighbouring Parish Councils and Wadebridge Town Council have been in discussions with Cornwall Council as to the proposed future of Wadebridge library. Under Cornwall Council’s devolution policy it is looking for interested parties to take over the ownership and running of the library. The main focus of these discussions has been directed towards Wadebridge Town Council as the library is located within their area of responsibility. At these meetings that have taken place details have been given by Cornwall Council as to the current staffing and running costs of the library and the local councils have been asked as to whether or not they are prepared to contribute towards them. At the last meeting of St Breock Parish Council it was decided that we are currently not able to contribute financially towards the upkeep of the library. It would appear that the other local councils are in the same position as St Breock. Our reply has already been sent back to Cornwall Council but it is obvious that further discussions will be held concerning this matter. It is anticipated that as more information is forthcoming we will keep you updated via our website.


Ray Jarratt

Chairman St Breock Parish Council


posted 26th April 2016




Chairman’s Annual Report

Dear Parishioner

The purpose of this letter is to provide a summary of the actions carried out and the issues faced by St Breock Parish Council over the past twelve months.

The Council agreed that it should go to the time and expense of producing and delivering this report due to the spread-out geography of the parish, with no natural ‘centre’.  I would, however, draw your attention to our Website which has been created and is maintained by Councillor Andrew Jones, to keep parishioners informed of our activities throughout the year.

We have continued our commitment to the Neighbourhood Plan together with our partners, Wadebridge Town Council and Egloshayle Parish Council.   Its emerging recommendations will create a framework for the area’s development over the next twenty years.  Without a Neighbourhood Plan in place, the opportunity for communities to have a mechanism with which to challenge controversial developments would not exist.   Councillor Simon Malloni has worked tirelessly on this time-consuming project and, as one of the policy writing team, hopes that a ‘draft ‘  plan is available for public consultation early in the New Year.

I take this opportunity to reiterate how important it is for parishioners to take advantage of these local public consultations. This will be your opportunity to examine the plan in detail and to comment on its recommendations.  Presentation events in Wadebridge – and possibly at the Showground – will be arranged and advertised on the website and in the local newspapers.

Planning considerations have been prominent in 2015 and I believe that the discharge of our duties, within stringent guidelines, has been professionalised by the establishment, in 2013, of a Planning sub-committee, ably chaired by Councillor Peter Starling.

With regard to Highways matters, the residents of Whitecross who live either side of the main A39 Atlantic Highway (30 mph speed restriction) have complained repeatedly to Cornwall Council, the Police and to the Parish Council about the excessive speed of traffic using this stretch of road. The Parish Council has decided to act by proving a long-term solution through the installation of flashing speed awareness signs.  At our request Cornwall Council’s highways department installed their own temporary signs in October and they appeared to have a significant impact upon traffic speeds. We are currently in the process of obtaining funding for the installation of a permanent set of speed awareness signs at Whitecross and have written to the Royal Cornwall Showground, Tesco and other local organisations who benefit from this stretch of road, requesting financial assistance.

Earlier this year the Parish Council was contacted by members of our community who use the Forestry Commission woodlands at Bishop’s Wood, and around Grogley and Hustyn Downs, for recreational purposes. They expressed concern about the high number of mountain bikers now using these woods and the speed at which they travel.  Horse riders were particularly worried by the sudden appearance of bikes rushing through the trees and across the paths. Working on the principle that conversation achieves more than confrontation, the council played a significant role, together with the local Forestry Commission manager, in arranging an open meeting for this matter to be discussed.  A user group forum has been established and reports of problems have decreased, although issues such as parking and bio-security require ongoing monitoring.

The re-powered wind farm on the St Breock Downs is now fully operational and, under a Section 106 Agreement, St Breock’s first allocation of community fund will be available by the end of April 2016. It is necessary that, before this date, a panel is assembled to publicise and oversee the grant application process. If you would like to be a member of the panel, or have a community-based idea that requires funding, please contact our Clerk and she will forward your details to our newly formed community fund sub- committee.  This process is in its early stages but, as it progresses, we will provide updates on the website.

The Parish Council was recently approached regarding a proposed community based wind turbine project to be sited at Scotland Corner. The Parish Council has decided not to support this new application primarily due to the fact that two community sites are already located within the parish, one of which has a public share option facility attached to it.  The council also took into account the two previous occasions when applications for a similar project on this site were refused.

Each Remembrance Day it has been customary for the Parish Council to lay a wreath on behalf of the  Parish and its parishioners at the memorial service  in Jubilee Park, Wadebridge. I have recently been shown around St Breock church by Peter Tutthill who was a church warden at St Breock for 10 years. Whilst there I discovered on one of the walls a small framed tapestry honouring the 23 parishioners who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 campaign. The Parish Council feels that it would be appropriate that, from this year onwards, the remembrance wreath is placed inside St Breock church, alongside the tapestry.

I will end this year’s report by reminding you all that you are more than welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings. We try to keep our website as topical as possible, so we are hoping to introduce a photo gallery consisting of pictures taken within the parish by our parishioners. Each month one photograph will be chosen to appear on the front page of our website. Further details regarding this can be found under the heading of ‘Local News and Views ‘on our website.

Yours faithfully

Ray Jarratt

Chairman St Breock Parish Council


posted 25th November 2015



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