St Breock Parish Council................Keeping the Parish informed
St Breock Parish Council................Keeping the Parish informed

Welcome to St Breock Parish Council.

St Breock Parish Council's, sole purpose,is to work with the Parish and provide a platform for dialogue. The new website will improve communication and hopefully inspire new ideas and better understanding. We're looking forward to working with you!



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Update on Wadebridge Library........


Dear Parishioner

If you have been following the Parish Council’s Agendas for its recent meetings you will have noticed that the Wadebridge Library has been included under the items to be discussed. Over the past few months St Breock Parish Council together with its neighbouring Parish Councils and Wadebridge Town Council have been in discussions with Cornwall Council as to the proposed future of Wadebridge library. Under Cornwall Council’s devolution policy it is looking for interested parties to take over the ownership and running of the library. The main focus of these discussions has been directed towards Wadebridge Town Council as the library is located within their area of responsibility. At these meetings that have taken place details have been given by Cornwall Council as to the current staffing and running costs of the library and the local councils have been asked as to whether or not they are prepared to contribute towards them. At the last meeting of St Breock Parish Council it was decided that we are currently not able to contribute financially towards the upkeep of the library. It would appear that the other local councils are in the same position as St Breock. Our reply has already been sent back to Cornwall Council but it is obvious that further discussions will be held concerning this matter. It is anticipated that as more information is forthcoming we will keep you updated via our website.


Ray Jarratt

Chairman St Breock Parish Council


posted 26th April 2016




Chairman’s Annual Report

Dear Parishioner

The purpose of this letter is to provide a summary of the actions carried out and the issues faced by St Breock Parish Council over the past twelve months.

The Council agreed that it should go to the time and expense of producing and delivering this report due to the spread-out geography of the parish, with no natural ‘centre’.  I would, however, draw your attention to our Website which has been created and is maintained by Councillor Andrew Jones, to keep parishioners informed of our activities throughout the year.

We have continued our commitment to the Neighbourhood Plan together with our partners, Wadebridge Town Council and Egloshayle Parish Council.   Its emerging recommendations will create a framework for the area’s development over the next twenty years.  Without a Neighbourhood Plan in place, the opportunity for communities to have a mechanism with which to challenge controversial developments would not exist.   Councillor Simon Malloni has worked tirelessly on this time-consuming project and, as one of the policy writing team, hopes that a ‘draft ‘  plan is available for public consultation early in the New Year.

I take this opportunity to reiterate how important it is for parishioners to take advantage of these local public consultations. This will be your opportunity to examine the plan in detail and to comment on its recommendations.  Presentation events in Wadebridge – and possibly at the Showground – will be arranged and advertised on the website and in the local newspapers.

Planning considerations have been prominent in 2015 and I believe that the discharge of our duties, within stringent guidelines, has been professionalised by the establishment, in 2013, of a Planning sub-committee, ably chaired by Councillor Peter Starling.

With regard to Highways matters, the residents of Whitecross who live either side of the main A39 Atlantic Highway (30 mph speed restriction) have complained repeatedly to Cornwall Council, the Police and to the Parish Council about the excessive speed of traffic using this stretch of road. The Parish Council has decided to act by proving a long-term solution through the installation of flashing speed awareness signs.  At our request Cornwall Council’s highways department installed their own temporary signs in October and they appeared to have a significant impact upon traffic speeds. We are currently in the process of obtaining funding for the installation of a permanent set of speed awareness signs at Whitecross and have written to the Royal Cornwall Showground, Tesco and other local organisations who benefit from this stretch of road, requesting financial assistance.

Earlier this year the Parish Council was contacted by members of our community who use the Forestry Commission woodlands at Bishop’s Wood, and around Grogley and Hustyn Downs, for recreational purposes. They expressed concern about the high number of mountain bikers now using these woods and the speed at which they travel.  Horse riders were particularly worried by the sudden appearance of bikes rushing through the trees and across the paths. Working on the principle that conversation achieves more than confrontation, the council played a significant role, together with the local Forestry Commission manager, in arranging an open meeting for this matter to be discussed.  A user group forum has been established and reports of problems have decreased, although issues such as parking and bio-security require ongoing monitoring.

The re-powered wind farm on the St Breock Downs is now fully operational and, under a Section 106 Agreement, St Breock’s first allocation of community fund will be available by the end of April 2016. It is necessary that, before this date, a panel is assembled to publicise and oversee the grant application process. If you would like to be a member of the panel, or have a community-based idea that requires funding, please contact our Clerk and she will forward your details to our newly formed community fund sub- committee.  This process is in its early stages but, as it progresses, we will provide updates on the website.

The Parish Council was recently approached regarding a proposed community based wind turbine project to be sited at Scotland Corner. The Parish Council has decided not to support this new application primarily due to the fact that two community sites are already located within the parish, one of which has a public share option facility attached to it.  The council also took into account the two previous occasions when applications for a similar project on this site were refused.

Each Remembrance Day it has been customary for the Parish Council to lay a wreath on behalf of the  Parish and its parishioners at the memorial service  in Jubilee Park, Wadebridge. I have recently been shown around St Breock church by Peter Tutthill who was a church warden at St Breock for 10 years. Whilst there I discovered on one of the walls a small framed tapestry honouring the 23 parishioners who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 campaign. The Parish Council feels that it would be appropriate that, from this year onwards, the remembrance wreath is placed inside St Breock church, alongside the tapestry.

I will end this year’s report by reminding you all that you are more than welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings. We try to keep our website as topical as possible, so we are hoping to introduce a photo gallery consisting of pictures taken within the parish by our parishioners. Each month one photograph will be chosen to appear on the front page of our website. Further details regarding this can be found under the heading of ‘Local News and Views ‘on our website.

Yours faithfully

Ray Jarratt

Chairman St Breock Parish Council


posted 25th November 2015



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